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Creating One America from the Bottom Up

I am 71 years old and recent events headlined across our news media, remind me why I continue to try and lead my community towards a better future. During high school, we debated the morality of the Vietnam war, civil rights, the treatment of farmworkers, and the ability of workers to organize. The underlying issue for all is a simple concept, held by those in power, that somehow they have privilege over other segments of our society. The headlines starkly reveal those same attitudes are still prevalent. The resulting policies that stem from that attitude creating income inequality and oppression which has reached a boiling point in America. Many not understanding what having “white privilege” signifies nor how it has created two Americas stand by bewildered by the passion of the protesters. When I was young I marched on Washington to end the war. I marched in support of civil rights. I picketed for Farm Workers and their right to organize. We invited organizers to live with us to help with the cause. Sadly, our involvement went dormant with the assassination of Robert Kennedy. The hope for change went dormant. That was some forty-plus years ago. It took Barak Obama's candidacy to reignite my hopefulness in the future of America and the possibility of attaining its best potential for all its citizens. When you are campaigning you can be partisan, but once elected to an office you swear an oath to represent all the citizens within your jurisdiction. All must be heard and feel that they have been heard. These headlines and the protests simply are a stark reminder of all the work that needs to be done at every level of our government. This is why I have become a candidate for McHenry County Board from District 6. I hope that we might take this moment and create One America from the bottom up. Larry Spaeth Democratic Candidate for McHenry County Board District 6