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It is time for us to get into good trouble.

This day the torch has been passed to the next generation of leadership to get into “good trouble”. The conscience of America, John Lewis, passed away last night at the age of 80. John Lewis was known as Robert Lewis in his youth, much like the tradition in my own family of being known in your family by your middle name, but when he joined the civil rights movement he was known as John. Much as one in the Catholic Church would adopt a “Confirmation” name upon confirming your Faith. John was grounded in his faith and believed that America could grow into perfection and become the promise expressed in our founding documents. He was the embodiment of a combination and melding of the Gospel and Gandhi. He believed you had to get yourself into “good trouble”. “When I was growing up, my mother and father and family members said, 'Don't get in trouble. Don't get in the way.' I got in trouble. I got in the way. It was necessary trouble.” - John Lewis John Lewis believed in forgiveness and he believed in the goodness of other people and yet that did not get in his way of standing for what be believed was a new and righteous order for the people of America. His torch of true freedom has been passed to a new generation and it is our responsibility to hold up his torch to enlighten the conscience of America.