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Our Choice

We are in a pivotal time in America. We have a choice to move closer to our ideals of inclusiveness and equality or we slam the door to America's future. America has not come to terms with the reality that slavery is still in existence today. Manifestations reverberate throughout our social and economic structures. From the innocuous label of “Master Bedroom” in real estate to the word “picnic” which was derived from the gathering of white folks to watch the lynching of black slaves. It is reflected in “norms” in different parts of the country ie.; black men may only enter the home through the back door never the front door in North Carolina when someone knocks on your door and you reply Y'all but a black man come on in”. The weight of slavery and the concentration of wealth into a very few hands has broken the faith that the working class has kept with the hope that things would get better. Today discrimination is expressed via financial impediments, employment impediments, and housing impediments. Redlining, disinvestment in lower-income communities, and outright hurdles in employment. The wealthy elites have created a system in which they alone benefit from the economy of the United States and the working class is the new slave to this system. Working people are no longer able to advance in America's economic structure as was possible just 70 years ago. To remedy the situation, large structural changes are needed. Such as affordable health care for all and an education system that works better for poor Americans. Public safety must also be overhauled. America can't get better when outright ownership of people is still tolerated in the world. Human trafficking continues to flourish even here in McHenry County because of the attitude that some lives matter more than others. Human beings are still sold as slaves in Libya The Corporate elite and the Investment class do not truly value human life only what they mean to the bottom line. They calculate the “cost” of one's life being lost in terms of money and gladly pay out that amount as a result of their negligence. We have had numerous repeated episodes of enormous pollution of our land, water, and air while corporations pay small fines that do not clean up the pollution and the fines barely impact the corporations' bottom line. The wealthy have insinuated numerous tax breaks into the tax system to the point that the brunt of the taxation in the United States falls on the poor and working class. We have the greatest wealth disparity since we were ruled by King George III. The top 1% have claimed the right to rule America. They have rigged the legal system so workers are hampered at every turn from organizing and being able to negotiate better financial benefits from their labor. We require cash bond to await trial forcing the poor to remain in custody and the rich go free to appeal and delay justice. The workers at the largest employers in America must be subsidized by the taxpayers to afford food and shelter and Health Care has been privatized and made for-profit with the costs skyrocketing out of control while the rest of the world is provided health care as a human right. The poor and working-class should be grateful for the food assistance programs and housing assistance programs. Even though the process for receiving this assistance is dehumanizing to all who must apply. Do not get uppity or they threaten to eliminate the pittance they offer. Our politics is just as infested due to the dependence on fundraising to run for office whether local state or national. The hurdle of fundraising is designed to limit those who may run. It is the way the 1% control our leadership at all levels.

Women, yes women, are still second class citizens subject to the approval of men. Will they be allowed to control their bodies and destinies? That struggle continues subject to those cloaking their efforts in the name of religious freedom. We must persist in our call for reformation here in America and restructure our democracy so that we the people will finally determine our future way of life.