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RNC Wants to Limit Freedoms to Men?

A recent statement from the RNC was immensely revealing. The RNC spokesperson Liz Harrington criticized Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden's Op-Ed citing his support of the vision of our Declaration of Independence in that all people are created equal. Saying that his supposition that the phrase “all men are created equal” should equal “all people are created equal” was an abomination of the founding document. Liz Harrington stated “ His party is trying to rewrite history, tear it all down. It's very fitting that Joe Biden, in this op-ed, has the audacity to literally rewrite the greatest foundational document in the history of mankind – the Declaration of Independence....changed it to, not all 'men are created equal' all 'people are created equal,' and are guaranteed equality throughout life.” “That is not a constitutional republic that we were founded on, on freedom, of opportunity...” Just what are we to understand from such a pronouncement from the Republican Party but a simple admission of their stated belief that some people are more equal than others. This certainly fits with the recent actions of the Republican Party over the last couple of decades. The Republican party has stood firmly on the side of the wealthy elite who have benefited from nearly all of the tax reductions and tax loopholes built into our tax code. They have attempted numerous means to suppress minorities from exercising their voting rights. Subjugating women to the home by making it harder to control their own bodies and inflicting immense hurdles in their attempts to exercise their right to birth control. These actions speak clearly that the Republican Party consisting of mainly old white guys believes that they have the right to regulate over, the lesser people in our country, namely Women, minorities, poor and working class. It is and has been the case for many years that W.A.S.P. was the preferred leadership in the United States. It is now clear that the Republican Party believes that the phrase in the Declaration Of Independence which stated “all men are created equal' literally means and is limited to only men. There is only one way to fight this type of entrenched aberration, of our political system, and that is to root it out from the bottom up. We must change the leadership at all levels of our government so that we might truly live up to the aspirations of our founding fathers.