Protection of our water resources

The federal government is backing away from protections and programs that have been provided in the past. This leaves local governments to fend for themselves. If elected I will work to see that the county board does its part to protect our water supply.

It is easy to take an abundant supply of clean, safe water for granted. The fact is that our water will not last if we do not take steps to protect it. McHenry County has an excellent Water Resource Action Plan in place, but implementation is not guaranteed. For example, a pollution problem has existed for many years in Marengo that has not been addressed. Enforceable ordinances must be created with clear jurisdictional responsibilities defined.

McHenry County cannot protect its aquifers by itself. Our aquifers are sourced in part beyond our boundaries. We must not only engage in best practices within the county, but also seek to work collaboratively with neighboring local units of government as well as state and local agencies to protect them for our mutual benefit. If elected I will look for every opportunity to both protect our water resources within the county and beyond.